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Why do so many people with preventable/reversible chronic diseases (hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc.)  ignore/resist the offers of help?

This is a tragic situation we see All Too Often. When we have health fair exhibits or at our lectures, we see SO many people who admit to suffering from diabetes 2, heart disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol/triglycerides) and often cancer or the horrendous side effects of chemo. While so many will admit that the medications are often killing them, damaging their kidneys and liver and more as ‘treatments’ they resist information about how they can truly REVERSE or Halt their diseases, correct the damage done to them by their medications and restore their health with simple DELICIOUS Whole Food Plant Based Cuisine.

When we explain that the basic principle is to REMOVE ALL meat, fish, dairy, eggs, animal products and GMO crap from their pantry, refrigerator and household they start to walk away before we can explain the DELICIOUS and inexpensive replacement meals that they can learn to prepare in their own home. They have been so indoctrinated their entire lives by TV advertisements, billboards and Internet junk mail that ‘meat’ is essential for health and other lies, it is impossible to re-educate them in a simple 2-minute (if that) conversation. Reversing lies and falsehoods promulgated even by their doctors (who unfortunately they have entrusted their very lives). Anything that counters their indoctrination is anathema and they often just refuse to even consider an alternative.

My wife and I have been doing this for over 13 years now; after our own dramatic disease reversals. I was given just 3 years to live over 13 years ago - Prostate Cancer. Nancy had serious arterial blockage (candidate for a stent), fibromyalgia and other issues. Both our cholesterol and triglycerides were horrible and our A1C off the charts; not to mention we were FAT. We started, almost overnight, on a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle path (it seems like yesterday), a bit of exercise (not much) but in a few weeks we noted we actually WERE losing weight we were feeling more energetic and WANTED to get up an MOVE (waddle?).

Well, long story short, we both lost about 50 lbs., began hiking and have hiked in well over 100 National/State Parks (mountains, forests, valleys). Our blood work improved in just a couple of months. Today my total cholesterol is 150 (1:1) and triglycerides are 38!  Nancy had a recent arterial scan and they are totally Clear; like a new baby.

We aren’t skinny by any means but plan to lose a bit more (we just moved and are totally off our schedules). BUT We DO Feel great, are still very active, writing books & articles and HIKING as much as we can afford (travel is expensive). Fortunately, we live in an area with wonderful hiking trails and gardens we hike in frequently.

So for all you folks who are taking all those drugs that are often doing more harm than good, want to reverse diabetes 2 (usually in about a month), want to reverse your heart disease (avoid that stent/bypass) and possibly reverse or stop your cancer, you need to PAY ATTENTION and just TRY changing WHAT YOU EAT. The old saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT is true, so do you want to be a McDonald s burger or a nice Stalk of Healthy Broccoli? <grin>! EATING the Rainbow is not only Delicious, but an adventure in tastes, textures and flavors that you have probably never experienced before and it is GLORIOUS; can be cheaper too!

JUST TRY IT for a Month and SEE HOW YOU FEEL! You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and possibly your Whole Long Life to Gain!

This first video is my very first attempt to give a ZOOM presentation.  I failed to turn off some of the interaction stuff so there was a bit of commentary.  Next time I'll do better.  

Introduction to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestylediet

Presented on 9-12-2023