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Pre-Digested Life

What the heck is that?  Well as we age, we experience LIFE. Sometimes not so good but hopefully mostly good.  Many of us have had life, work and relationship experiences that we have learned from. Sometimes painfully but we have survived.  Many of us have Thrived as we learned, experienced LIFE and Living/Loving.  It is all part of that Growing Up experience. Even in our 70’s we are still growing and we are THANKFUL for that.

Just recently two more of my High School Classmates have died.  Just in their mid-70’s that is WAY TOO YOUNG.  I was only able to read the obituary and they seldom indicate the cause of death. 

While I don’t KNOW how or why they died, I can suspect the cause. We see SO Many ‘seniors’ who are trying to live a healthier life and lifestyle but fail to realize the Critical Importance of DIET and Lifestylediet and its impact on their body’s ability to Heal and Fight off disease.  As we age our bodies, well they get old, and sometimes parts wear out.  Our Lifestylediet is one way to help provide the re-building blocks to restore and maintain a healthier body, brain and ability to LIVE.

We also have So much to offer the younger generation.  Our failures have provided Learning Experiences we can share with others; especially the younger generations.  Many of us have been in a variety of businesses; some successful, others not so much.  We Survived and many of us have prospered and continue to do so.

I for one could not give up my computer and related skills obtained over decades of experience.  Much of it globally, from Hong Kong to Europe and across the USA.  Working for a variety of companies/organizations I learned How to DEAL with people, technology and corporate inter-relations.  I have set up and maintain several web sites that offer much of that learning experience to help others bypass many of the mistakes I made along the way.

I’m sure that YOU also have much to contribute to the younger generations as well. BUT THEY NEVER SEEM TO ASK!  My wife spent a career and retired from Delta Airlines. Becoming a Stewardess and then moving into other aspects of the airline industry, I can’t recall one time one of our Seven Grandchildren asking about her experience.  I traveled the Globe as an IT Consultant and worked in many industries before establishing my own successful corporate consulting company.  Again, I don’t recall one time when any of the Grandkids asked about my life experiences. 

I don’t think it is just our Grandkids, but many of our friends and associates also have mentioned this failure to communicate life experience to their own children and grandchildren. I know used to spend a lot of time with my Grandpa and Mim (my mother’s parents) who lived close by.  I used to love to hear about their lives and experiences and my Grandpa taught me a lot in his basement workshop and up in his cabin in the woods.  I and my brothers and sister learned to shoot a rifle in the woods, experienced an ‘outhouse’ and a hand well pump for water.  Our grandkids have NO idea what that was like.  They don’t know an era before computers at all.

Now, I may have contributed to this, making sure our daughter and her family always had the best of the latest tech.  Never tell a young grandchild that you will give them a cell phone at 13; they REMEMBER.  Now having 7 grandkids we still maintain their cell phones when they turn 12 until they graduate and begin working on their own.  Our youngest will turn 12 in 2021.  The oldest is now an attorney and paying his own bills!

So WHY don’t kids want to know about Our Lives?  I have been known to ‘lecture’ often and that may have turned them off. My attempts to try and inform, educate and help the kids grow and learn has fallen on deaf ears.  My encouragement for them to establish themselves as independent businesses or a side business has failed.  Part of the trouble is that kids can’t work these days.  Gone are the days of a paper route where a young person could get a job and earn a bit of extra money.  I started at 10 years old; not because I had to but because I wanted to.  Stupid rules/laws have stripped that opportunity from so many youngsters.

Not sure where that leaves us.  I wonder if it would be possible to form a community center where younger ones could visit and talk to older folks.  Too many older Seniors are living in ‘Senior Communities’ where there are few to none younger children around.  We are placed in Senior Centers and Old Age Communities/Homes where we are separated from the younger generations.  Kids are kept away from us for whatever reason their parents (our kids) concoct and seldom visit for any meaningful length of time.

This has destroyed much of America that once lived in multi-generational homes where grandchildren were in constant contact with older generations and could learn as a natural process of growing up.  It is so sad that America no longer values experience and that is why America is failing.  The arrogance of youth may be the end of the American Experience unless we, the Seniors, somehow figure out how to change it.