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As we all age, staying healthy becomes a bit more challenging.

It is an unfortunate fact that chronic disease are increasing in the USA and around the World.  Avoiding them seems inevitable to many but that is not necessarily the case. There are many thing you can do to Prevent and often Reverse Most Chronic Disease.


There are new disease centers for treating chronic diseases popping up everywhere.  These multi-million-dollar institutions for treating chronic diseases cost million$ but make Billion$ for the medical industry.  They are EVERYWHERE.  These centers are built to treat chronic diseases like Diabetes 2, Heart Disease and Cancer.  These chronic diseases also account the vast majority of the over $3.5 Trillion dollars spent ANNUALLY.  That’s a LOT of money and it is spent almost totally needlessly!

Needless? Yep, most of these chronic diseases are PREVENTABLE and many/most are Reversible!  Do you suffer from a chronic disease?  Has your doctor every told you it might be REVERSED with simple, inexpensive dietary and lifestyle changes?  I doubt it.  Did you know that there have been physicians’ guides published to make your doctor aware of these treatment options?  In 2016 there was an excellent paper in the Permanente Journal (Published by Kaiser Permanente of the largest USA healthcare organizations) entitle Plant-Based Diets: A Physician’s Guide? That is just one of many.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, based in Washington D.C., has been campaigning for many years to acquaint Your Doctor and other healthcare professionals with these FACTS.  Yet few, either willfully or ignorantly, refuse to listen/learn. They prefer to dispense drugs with horrendous side effects, treat you with horrendous and debilitating procedures that, more often than not, are worse than the disease being treated (especially with cancer treatments).

We have been working with PCRM and others to make doctors AWARE of these options but go mostly ignored.  I recently saw a urologist (I have/had prostate cancer) and provided him with my biopsy and medical records that had given me just 3 years to live; Back in 2010!  His response, well he wanted to do another biopsy (needle tracks can spread cancer), CT Scans (radiation) and more.  I had explained that all that had already been done; why did he want to repeat this?  I had informed him and his nursing staff (very receptive) that I has been living a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle for 11 years now.  I had been given just 3 years to live but now ELEVEN years later I’m healthy and alive (with amazing blood work).  He NEVER even asked how the hell I was still alive!  He only saw $$ signs for all the money he would make treating me to death!

The FACTs are there.  Published in professional journals, in hundreds of peer reviewed studies and more.  Why don’t doctors seem to even want to learn about this?  Is the money so important?  It seems to be the case.
WE must take the role of Curing Our Own Disease.  Since most doctors aren’t interested in the Power of Nutrition or the ease in which it can help prevent and reverse disease, they should be very focused on this.  Instead they continue to prescribe drugs with horrendous (and often deadly) side effects.  Constantly bombarding patients with radiation in the forms of mammograms, CT Scans and more.  133 million Americans – 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease.  The incidence of Preventable Chronic Disease in America is INCREASING, despite all these treatment centers, drugs and therapies.

Only WE THE PEOPLE can put these places out of business.  The unnecessary treatments, procedures and drugs dispenses are proven totally ineffective anyway.  Why not just SAY NO MORE.  Patient Treat Thyself ~ It is up to YOU to simply change your Lifestylediet.

It is really so very easy to do.  It is just adapting a new way of eating and living; probably not that different than your daily lives today.  Simple substitutions for ‘favorite foods’, different food preparation techniques and presentation, avoidance of some and additional of other foods to your daily diet.  You may even save some money because beans, rice and greens (and many other vegetables) are much cheaper than what you have been eating (meat, eggs, dairy/cheese). It represents a change to a delicious and every varied cuisine that which you will never tire.

Let’s put these institutions for chronic disease out of business by making them totally unnecessary.  It is simply a matter of Preventing disease and Reversing those ailments from which you may currently be suffering.  Just think of the drug costs savings, medical premiums and co-pays you will save.  It is a Very Cost-Effective way to Live.

The added benefit it that you will not only shed/prevent chronic disease but also you may never again suffer from the cold/flu, many allergies and other ailments ascribed to ‘old age’.  No, you may live a Long and Energetic Life like so many already do in Longevity Zones around the Planet.  They ALL focus on a mainly Whole Food Plant Base Lifestylediet.  You can too!
Chronic Disease Centers
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You Can be Healthy!
You Can Live a Long and Vibrant life!